A paper prototyping app for iPad Pro.

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Compatible with Apple Pencil

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil





Almost full-scale mockup, real resolution export

The size of the mockup displayed on the screen is almost full-scale iPhone SE. You can do prototyping with imagining of the actual screen display. Since the exported image is real resolution of iPhone SE, you can use that as it is in other many prototyping tools.

Note: Almost full-scale displaying is only on iPad 12.9 inches and 9.7 inches.

Selected tools for UX Design

There are tools that thin pen and thick pen for drawing. Thin pen is suitable to draw the UI component. Thick pen is ideal for marking and coating. You can choose color in 5 colors, those are just right amount. You can use colors by the role for example“Blue is for button, yellow is for emphasized.” etc., whatever you prefer.

There is also a stencil function that can draw the common icons on any position. It will make your prototyping work faster.

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A paper prototyping app for iPad Pro.